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Deratech on Suzhou Taicang Municipal Government 2018 Honor Roll

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On March 19, 2019, the Taicang Municipal Government held a “Working Conference on the High Quality Development of the City’s Economy” to summarize the economic work of Taicang in 2018, commend Taicang’s advanced units (enterprises) and individuals in 2018, as well as arrange Taicang’s economic work in 2019.

Deratech was commended by Taicang Municipal Government at this meeting, and had the following three achievements on the Taicang Municipal Government’s 2018 Annual Glory List.

1. 2018 Newly recognized high-tech enterprises.

2. 2018 Suzhou Enterprise Engineering and Technology Research Center.

3. 2018 annual credit management through standard enterprises.

In the summary report of the work of the town government in 2018, the completion and production of the Deratech as one of the key projects completed that year.

There will be times when the long wind and waves will break, and we will sail straight through the clouds. Looking forward to 2019, we are full of confidence! The spring breeze of development has been strong, the opportunity to flourish has come. With the support of the government at all levels, under the leadership of the company’s core team and the hard work of all the staff, Deratech is bound to achieve more and greater development results.

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