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Deratech to participate in the National Standardization Technical Committee of Metalforming Machinery 2019 Annual Meeting

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December 15 to 18, the National Standardization Technical Committee for Forging Machinery (hereinafter referred to as the Standard Committee) 2019 annual meeting and standards review will be held in Wanning City, Hainan Province, participated in the meeting with standard committee members and enterprise representatives a total of 89 people. The meeting was chaired by the secretary-general of the Standard Committee, Ma Liqiang. (hereinafter referred to as Deratech) as a member unit to participate in this meeting.

1. the National Standardization Technical Committee of Forging and Pressing Machinery 2019 work summary and 2020 work plan.

2. Review the parameters and dimensions of closed-loop single-action mechanical presses, CNC U-shaped longitudinal beam three-sided punching line, full closed-loop high-precision servo bending machine, CNC sheet uncoiling and leveling flying shear line, small radius pipe bending machine, CNC high-speed automatic cold-heading machine and other forging machinery national standards, industry standards.

3. Discussion of the standard structure and technical content of the compulsory national standard Safety Technical Code for Forging and Pressing Machinery (commissioned by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology).

4. put forward and demonstration of 2020 forging machinery national standards, industry standards revision project. The participants of the above-mentioned national standards and industry standards focused on the pertinence, feasibility, operability and other aspects of in-depth and meticulous discussions, put forward many more reasonable amendments, so that the revised standards are more standardized and rigorous.

Before the end of the meeting, Secretary General Ma Liqiang stressed that the achievements of the bid committee in 2019 can not be separated from the support of all members, forging machinery enterprises, scientific research institutions and various subtechnical committees, and hoped that all members and enterprises will continue to give strong support to the bid committee, work in accordance with the constitution of the bid committee and the superior standard-setting work regulations, standard formulation and revision work procedures, so as to achieve the interests of justice, legal procedures, to ensure the quality of standards, and timely completion of the national standards, industry standard scientific research projects, to help the transformation and upgrading of the forging machinery industry, play a good role in the technical support of standards, and lead the rapid development of the forging machinery industry.

Since its inception, Deratech has attached great importance to the national standards and industry standards in the application and implementation of product technology development and manufacturing. At the same time, Deratech and the National Forging Machinery Standardization Committee has maintained a long-term working relationship, over the past few years, Deratech participated in the development of a number of national and industrial standards (repair) set, such as GB/T 37912-2019 CNC punching and shearing composite machine, CNC stamping laser cutting composite machine, JB/T 13909 large servo CNC sheet press brake and so on, to enhance the Deratech products in the industry. status, and at the same time improve the market awareness of RuiTie Machine Tool.

These achievements reflect the relentless pursuit of “high starting point, high standard” and the strong will to persevere and climb the peak.

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