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Technical information

  • 35 or 50 ton
  • 1020mm up to 1650mm
  • Can be used sitting or standing
  • Available with E-drive or Hybrid system
  • Touch Screen cnc-controller ESA 650
  • Correction database
  • Extremely fast working, due to high fall-down and bending speed
  • Remote assistance

ONLINE MESSAGETEL:+86 139 5242 6066

Model Details

Miniature Oil-electric hybrid CNC Press brake
Model Bending Force (kN) Foldable length (mm) Pitch of column (mm) Throat depth (mm)  Cylinder stroke (mm) Opening height (mm) Mold Height (mm) Main motor power (kw)  Hydraulic oil volume (L) Maximum speed (mm/s) Dimension (mm) Weight 
Drive in Neutralize Return trip Long Wide High
TBB-30/1050D 300 1050 900 200 120 370 420 2.8 70 250 20 250 1350 1210 2410 2800
TBB-35/1250D 350 1250 900 200 160 410 460 2.8 70 300 20 250 1650 1210 2490 3000
TBB-50/1650D 500 1650 1200 300 160 410 470 2 ×4.7 2 ×70 300 20 250 2180 1440 2410 4500


Inherited European design ideas, appearance, practical and efficient, reliable, high performance-price ratio and low failure rate new style CNC hydraulic press brake machine.

1. High precision and fast clamping system: fast and easy to change the tooling, decreasing labour strength and enhance productivity.

2. High precision and stable back gauge system: new and unique double linear guide construction, to ensure the good positioning accuracy. Design of multistage stops, to increase the positioning range, above the price in value.

3. With independent patent compensates deformed of throat depth: exact measured distortion and feedback compensation, to ensure the precision of the bending, effectively prevent non-standard workpiece collision linear scales.

4. High precision mechanical crowning device high-precision wedge compensation device by CNC control, got the precise compensation, ensuring high quality bending accuracy.

5. Moveable front support system to help you to bend, make a comfortable and efficient working permanent front support system.

6. Higher quality press brake tooling: whole hardened high precision CNC press brake tooling, it is durable.

7. High quality hydraulic system: Germany original imported, high frequency hydraulic system, low failure rate, machine will run fast and stably.

Oil tank is made by professional special oil proof material, it is easy to get the high cleanliness.

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