Laser Cutting Machine EVENTS/NEWS



  • Applications of Laser Cutting Machines in Various Industries


    Laser cutting machines have revolutionized the manufacturing industry, offering precise, efficient, and cost-effective cutting solutions for a wide range of materials. From sheet metal to plastics and composites, laser cutting machines have found applications in various industries. This article will delve into the applications of laser cutting machines in different industries and their benefits. 1. […]

  • Principles of Electro-Hydraulic Servo CNC Press Brake


    Electro-hydraulic servo CNC press brakes are advanced machines widely used in the metalworking industry for precision bending of various materials. These machines combine the benefits of hydraulic power and servo motor control, enabling high accuracy, repeatability, and flexibility in the bending process. This article will delve into the principles behind the operation of electro-hydraulic servo […]

  • Research and development project of Deratech becomes pilot project of standardization in Jiangsu Province


    Recently, the provincial market supervision bureau and the provincial development and reform commission jointly issued a document, issued in 2020 strategic emerging industries and services in Jiangsu province standardization pilot project list, by the Deratech. Deratech is located in Taicang Science and Technology Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province. CNC press brake, Turret punching, CNC shearing and […]

  • Deratech obtained Jiangsu provincial standardization pilot project


    A few days ago, Jiangsu Province Market Supervision Administration and the provincial Development and Reform Commission jointly issued a document announcing a total of 44 pilot projects for industry, agriculture, service industry and social enterprise standardization in Jiangsu Province in 2020, and the project of “strategic emerging industry standardization pilot of high-end sheet metal numerical […]

  • Deratech to participate in the National Standardization Technical Committee of Metalforming Machinery 2019 Annual Meeting


    December 15 to 18, the National Standardization Technical Committee for Forging Machinery (hereinafter referred to as the Standard Committee) 2019 annual meeting and standards review will be held in Wanning City, Hainan Province, participated in the meeting with standard committee members and enterprise representatives a total of 89 people. The meeting was chaired by the […]

  • Deratech made the front page of Suzhou Daily


    Taicang City Chengxiang town of Europe and the United States Industrial Park, Deratech, a CNC press brake is being shipped. The company’s general manager Wang Lixin introduced, moved from Shanghai to Taicang three years, the company’s average annual growth rate of output value of more than 30%. At present, Deratech has been among the domestic […]

  • Deratech on Suzhou Taicang Municipal Government 2018 Honor Roll


    On March 19, 2019, the Taicang Municipal Government held a “Working Conference on the High Quality Development of the City’s Economy” to summarize the economic work of Taicang in 2018, commend Taicang’s advanced units (enterprises) and individuals in 2018, as well as arrange Taicang’s economic work in 2019. Deratech was commended by Taicang Municipal Government […]

  • Another successful patent application of Deratech


    Deratech has always enjoyed a good reputation in the industry for paying attention to technology research and development, and its dynamic team has always insisted on increasing technology update and product development, grasping the pulse of the market and leading the trend of technology research and development with the spirit of “water dripping through stone”. […]

  • Deratech Featured in British Press Brake Industry Magazine


    With its appearance in the October 2016 issue of the UK Press Brake Buyer’s Guide magazine, Deratech hopes to join Trumpf, LVD, Prima Power and others as the representative brand of the global press brake industry in the future to refine and create better press brakes in the field. In the meantime, Deratech hopes to […]