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Technical information

1. High strength main body

2. Aerospace grade special formed aluminum crossbeam

3. International first-class brand transmission parts

4. Precision fiber optic cutting head

5. Double temperature and double control water cooling system

6. FSCUT Friendness operating system

7. The latest generation fiber laser

8. Precision AC servo drive unit

9. Pan-tilt-pull type exchange table

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Model Details

Deratech was founded in 1993 in Waasmunster City, Belgium. Since 2014, Deratech has started a new journey in Shanghai. In 2018, Deratech moved from Jiading, Shanghai to Taicang, Suzhou. It is one of the rare domestic first-class factories that can develop and produce CNC press brake, shearing machine, slotting machine, turret punch press, laser cutting machine, servo punching-laser combined machine completely independently.

These products are widely used in the aerospace industry, shipbuilding, high-speed rail cars, automobile manufacturing and other fields. Customers include international companies such as Bombardier, Maersk, Hyundai, CIMC, CRRC, SINOTRUK, China FAW, Haier, Fuyao. The company has an excellent geographical location, bordering Shanghai, and it takes less than 2 hours to drive from Shanghai Pudong Airport. The company covers an area of 30,000 square meters.

With the continuous expansion of the company's influence, Deratech Machine Tool Corp., Ltd will continue to exert its efforts in automation level and assembly line quality, with professional and dedicated professionalism, to produce and develop more high-tech, high-precision, energy-saving and environmentally friendly automation equipment.

Mode SuperA3015 MSuperA4020 SuperA6025
Processing range(mm) 3000×1500 4000×2000 6000×2500
X-axis stroke(mm) 3050 4050 6050
Y-axis stroke(mm) 1550 2050 2550
Z-axis stroke(mm) 300 300 300
X/Y axis positioning accuracy(mm/m) ±0.03 ±0.03 ±0.03
X/Y axis repeatable positioning accuracy(mm/m) 0.02 0.02 0.02
Maximum X/Y axis positioning speed(m/min) 130 130 150
X/Y axis maximum acceleration(m/s²) 1.2G 1.2G 1.2G
Laser generator power(w) 1500/3000/4000 1500/3000/4000 3000/4000/6000
Dimension(mm) 8680×3020×2100 10100×3500×2170 14720×4000×2690

  1. High strength mainbody

Integral gantry structure, high strength steel plate welded bed, annealing stress relief treatment, rigid enough, small deformation.

The cutting area is equipped with dust removal device, time division, suction concentration, emission standard, purification and environmental protection.

The bottom of the bed is arranged with waste storage box, centralized cleaning, convenient and quick.

  1. Aerospace grade special formed aluminum crossbeam

Adopting lightweight design concept and finite element optimization analysis, the dynamic performance is good.

The beam base and Z-axis skid plate are integrated with high strength cast aluminum.

Formed design, lightweight, compact, high precision and fast response.

  1. International first-class brand transmission parts

Adopt bilateral drive structure, select international first-class brand high precision reducer, rack and pinion and linear guide system, equipped with a full set of high precision servo motor drive, high precision, high torque, good performance.

  1. Precision fiber optic cutting head

Equipped with Germany Precitec/Swiss RayTools auto-focus cutting head, which can realize non-sensitive perforation, agile cutting, high-speed frog jumping, ultra-small taper cutting, high glossy surface cutting, etc.

High power focus, more efficient cooling, real-time warning monitoring, to ensure stable and long-term operation of the machine.

  1. Double temperature and double control water cooling system

High-quality brand refrigeration components, real-time early warning feedback, cooling more efficient.

Double temperature and double control design, as a strong shield for the laser and cutting head cooling protection, more effective in extending the service life of the equipment.

  1. FSCUTFriendnessoperating system

Can be equipped with the latest generation of German IPG / Chuangxin MAX fiber laser modularity and integration is higher, the processing performance is superior.

Continuous and stable output, high efficiency of electro-optical conversion, low failure rate, more stable operation, and more convenient post-maintenance.

  1. The latest generation fiber laser

Adopting the special CNC system of FSCUT laser cutting machine, the powerful computing processing ability ensures higher stability, and the human-machine interactive interface makes the operation more intelligent.

Built-in high efficiency automatic nesting module, together with the automatic cutting head and embedded process database, can realize various laser-specific functions in all aspects.

  1. Precision AC servo drive unit

Full set of servo motors to improve the speed and accuracy of the machine.

The servo drive and motor are used as a set to achieve high quality dynamic performance of the machine.

  1. Pan-tilt-pull type exchange table

The exchange table is welded with steel structure, which has good stability and higher bearing capacity.

It adopts the design of translating and pulling type, which has lower failure rate, faster operation and higher working efficiency.

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