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Deratech obtained Jiangsu provincial standardization pilot project

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A few days ago, Jiangsu Province Market Supervision Administration and the provincial Development and Reform Commission jointly issued a document announcing a total of 44 pilot projects for industry, agriculture, service industry and social enterprise standardization in Jiangsu Province in 2020, and the project of “strategic emerging industry standardization pilot of high-end sheet metal numerical control machine tool” declared by Deratech. It is the first time for the company to get the provincial project, which reflects the affirmation of the provincial and municipal governments at all levels to the development achievements of Deratech.

“High-end sheet metal CNC machine tool strategic emerging industry standardization pilot” project is the end of 2019 in Taicang City Market Supervision Administration investigation and recommendation, after Taicang City, Suzhou City government’s audit and declaration, in April 2020 in Nanjing by the provincial government departments of the material review, expert argumentation defense and other links, and finally determine the project.


Deratech development direction is “high-end sheet metal CNC machine tools”, belongs to the “national key support of high-tech areas” in the “advanced manufacturing technology”, as well as the province “thirteen five” strategic emerging industry development planning key areas of “high-end equipment manufacturing industry – high-end CNC machine tools” field; the implementation of standardization pilot project, for my company’s transformation and upgrading, the use of standardized ways to organize production, operation and management, enhance the scientific and systematic management level, improve operating efficiency, standardized management according to the standards of listed enterprises has an important practical significance.

The implementation of the project is to take the relevant national standardization documents and series of standards as a guide, and gradually establish and improve the standardization system and standardization of work mechanisms to promote the effectiveness of the standardization of the work as the focus, focusing on the independent intellectual property rights to standardize the work, to achieve reproducible, scalable standardization system.

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