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Research and development project of Deratech becomes pilot project of standardization in Jiangsu Province

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Recently, the provincial market supervision bureau and the provincial development and reform commission jointly issued a document, issued in 2020 strategic emerging industries and services in Jiangsu province standardization pilot project list, by the Deratech.

Deratech is located in Taicang Science and Technology Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province. CNC press brake, Turret punching, CNC shearing and CNC slotting and other flexible processing unit FMC and flexible processing automatic line FMS.

The management of the company attaches great importance to standardization work, at present, the company has participated in the drafting of a total of 2 national standards and 4 industry standards, including GB/T 37912-2019 “CNC punching and shearing compound machine” has been released on August 30, 2019, implemented on March 1, 2020; “CNC punching and laser cutting compound machine” has been voted by all members of the bid committee in November 2019 JB/T 13909-2020 “Large Servo CNC Sheet Press Brake”, JB/T 13901.1-2020 “Mechanical servo CNC Slewing Head Press Part 1: Basic Parameters”, JB/T 13901.2-2020 “Mechanical servo CNC Slewing Head Press Part 2: Technical Conditions”. JB/T 13901.3-2020《Mechanical servo NC rotary head press Part 3: Precision》and other four industry standards have been released on April 16, 2020, will be implemented on January 1, 2021.

Taicang years of standardization pilot, project summary

The next stage, Taicang Market Supervision Bureau will continue to promote the creation of national and provincial standardization pilot projects to the national high-end equipment manufacturing industry (intelligent manufacturing) standardization pilot and strategic emerging industries standardization pilot as the main focus, continue to high-tech and emerging industries in the manufacturing sector, such as mining new benchmarking enterprises, continue to summarize new advanced experience, and continue to promote new efficient mechanisms to lead the city’s more advantageous enterprises to participate in all kinds of standardization activities, in order to enhance the Suzhou region and even the province as a whole manufacturing quality level and to build the core competitiveness of the development of a more diverse model and mode.

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