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Another successful patent application of Deratech

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Deratech has always enjoyed a good reputation in the industry for paying attention to technology research and development, and its dynamic team has always insisted on increasing technology update and product development, grasping the pulse of the market and leading the trend of technology research and development with the spirit of “water dripping through stone”.

With the European technical cooperation as the background, combined with the practical application of the domestic market, to create high-end, efficient and user-friendly precision sheet metal processing equipment, has always been the development goal of Deratech. The technical department has always been adhering to the design concept of “practical + innovation”, integrating foreign advanced technology, through continuous efforts and teamwork, has achieved fruitful results in intellectual property rights, so far it has obtained 30 patent certificates.

As a functional part, the patented fixture can directly change the die from the front side of the machine, breaking the constraint of disassembling the upper die from the side, thus greatly improving the efficiency of die changing. The special multi-point fit structure makes the hydraulic fixture more solid and reliable when clamping a small section of the upper die.

Technology-based, innovation to win, in order to achieve the continuous development, in order to continue to introduce new functions, new products, so that customers choose Deratech, so that customers trust Deratech.

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